The Nottinghamshire Carers Pledge will be encouraging all organisations throughout Nottinghamshire to sign up. There is already great work completed  in many organisations to support carers, we want to share this and make sure that all carers living in Nottinghamshire can expect the same service, regardless of where they live. To ensure carers in Nottinghamshire are supported we will also be inviting Hospitals, Schools, Employers and community organisations to recognise carers and discover more about the support that is available.

We hope that the Carers Pledge will ensure Carers feel valued and will be supported to continue in their caring role. 

 The  Carers Pledge

· We  will  acknowledge and support informal carers within our organisation.

· We will display up to date information for carers accessing the organisation.

· We will review our policies and procedures to ensure that they are inclusive of carers and make developments where necessary.



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