Nottinghamshire Carers Association have teamed up with major employers and SMEs to help support Carers in Employment.

NCA have launched their Carers in Employment initiative to support and encourage businesses to retain those staff who, due to their unpaid caring responsibilities, are at risk of leaving the workforce as a result of stress, ill health, lack of understanding and/or simply lack of time.

The Carers in Employment project will enable us to Recruit businesses across Nottinghamshire , all of which will sign up to the Carers Pledge. The pledge states that each organisation has to nominate a key member of staff to attend regular training and events. Our events will provide information to help support both the Carer and the employer, and NCA will review HR policies and procedures to enable employers to offer different levels of support within the workplace.

Employers have been invited to sign our Carers Pledge to show their commitment to Carers within their service. Employers who sign the Pledge will benefit from free training, resources and ongoing support from NCA.

Supporting Carers in Employment will help skilled, experienced staff members to continue in employment and achieve a realistic work/life balance.

There are more than 3 million people who currently have work and caring responsibilities within the UK. 1 in 9 of the workforce in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire has unpaid caring responsibilities at any one time.

Our work results in British businesses and the UK economy saving up to £1.3 billion year


Providing individuals with support to manage unpaid caring alongside their paid work, offers benefit to them, their families and their employer.

Examples include:

• Flexible working hours

• Access to a telephone

• Unpaid and paid leave

• Career breaks

• Car parking space at/near work

Organisations that have introduced flexible working and special leave arrangement for Carers have judged them a success. Their message is that it makes business sense to care for Carers.

Flexible Approach

Organisations attending our events will be shown how to implement the Carers Pledge in their setting and will nominate a ‘Carers Champion’ for their service. Each Champion will be a point of contact between NCA and their service and will be trained in bespoke Carers Awareness modules to cascade throughout their service.

Employees will engage with their Carers Champion who can offer information, advice and support to individuals in the workplace.

NCA will update Carers Champions through a quarterly newsletter detailing local and national services, changes to support services and upcoming training and events.

Taking a flexible approach:

• Attracts and retains staff

• Reduces stress

• Reduces recruitment and training costs

• Increases productivity

• Reduces sick and absenteeism

• Improves service delivery

• Produces cost saving

• Increases staff morale

• Improves people management

Bespoke Training

Using local and national research we have created a Carers Bespoke Training Programme which will inform and empower nominated Carers Champions from each organisation. These will be delivered via quarterly conferences within their local area.

The training will be for half a day and will cover the following areas:

• Who is a Carer?

• A day in the life of a Carer

• The impact of caring

• Legislation

• Working and caring

• Carers needs

• Local support available for Carers

DerbyshireCarers-Haveli-0137a.jpg (3.95 MB)

Following the training, Carers Champions will be able to identify Carers in their workplace, make them aware of the help and support available in the Community and ensure they are accessing support from employers to enable them to continue in employment. Each organisation will receive a company accreditation.

Businesses attending the Carers in Employment conferences will have a greater understanding of:

• The impact of caring

• The importance of supporting Carers in employment to retain key employees

• What good Carer Support looks like

• How to implement Carer support and Carer-friendly policies within services

Carers Champions attending the Carers Bespoke Training Programme will:

• Be able to identify Carers within their workforce

• Understand the role of a Carer and the issues impacting them

• Be aware of local services which can improve Carers health, wellbeing and reduce likelihood of sickness leave

• Be aware of legislation relating to Carers

• Be a point of contact for Carers within their workplace

• Liaise with Carer support services, including NCA, to ensure they are up to date with local and national knowledge and aware of changes to carer support services

Next Steps

If your organisation would like to be part of the Carers in Employment project and sign up to our pledge, then please contact us at:

Carers in Employment Team

Nottinghamshire Carers Association

01773 833833

Nottinghamshire Carers Association is a subsidery of Derbyshire Carers Association

3 Park Road, Ripley, Derbyshire DE5 3EF

Tel: 01773 833 833

Charity No: 1062777

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